“You guys thought i was gonna b£@t Diana, Me, I just have [email protected] mouth I can’t f!ght” – BBNaija’s Chichi Opens up

“You guys thought i was gonna b£@t Diana, Me, I just have [email protected] mouth I can’t f!ght” – BBNaija’s Chichi Opens up

"You guys thought i was gonna b£@t Diana, Me, I just have sh@rp mouth I can't f!ght" - BBNaija's Chichi Opens up

Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ Housemate, Chichi have opened up to her colleagues in the house, she claim they are all scared she was going to b£@t Diana Says she have sharp mouth and can not fight.

Chichi says

This came after the scenario that happen in the early hour of today. She said this while she was chatting with her colleagues, Modella, Doyin and the rest.

Chichi says

Below is the conversation below

Chichi: you people were scared I was gonna b£@t Diana. Me, I just have sharp mouth I can’t f!ght

Modella: no, we were just laughing coz u guys just literally got here

Doyin: I don’t think people were scared I think they felt it was rather unnecessary

In a related news,

Chichi and Adekunle recently f0ught dirty as the former accused the latter of saying that her ship with her love interest, Deji would not last.

The fight ensued after Deji was moved to the Level 2 house and Groovy replaced him in the Level 1 house.

According to Chichi, Adekunle had earlier made comment about her relationship with Deji during the week.

He had stated in her presence that their ship would not last, although she didn’t really react to it then.

She went further to say that she felt irritated when Adekunle came to sympathize with her for Deji’s departure.

To her, it was ‘fake’ for Adekunle to act like he cared when he obviously hinted that the ship would sink before.

She added that she can not pretend she was happy with him, hence the reason for her outburst and anger.

Chichi who was obviously bitter about this comment and Deji’s departure, was heard speaking to Adekunle indirectly for a while.

And later on went into the room where he was to troll him before she returned to her seat at the dining.

A while later, Adekunle came out of the room to confront her and the squabble ensued between the two.

Chichi kept insisting that Adekunle had made the ‘hateful’ comment while Adekunle kept denying it.

She went on to accuse him of being a “hater of beautiful things” which is why “love would never happen to him”.

As she warned him to stay away from her with his ‘fake love’.

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