“Why I accepted the B!tt£r Tag”- BBNaija’s Chomzy Reveals Sho¢king Things About Herself (Video)

“Why I accepted the B!tt£r Tag”- BBNaija’s Chomzy Reveals Sho¢king Things About Herself (Video)

"Why I accepted the B!tt£r Tag"- BBNaija's Chomzy Reveals Sho¢king Things About Herself (Video)

Evicted Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate Chomzy has revealed to the public things that are hidden about herself.

Chomzy says

The Reality star, Chomzy was born in Gabon, but she came back to Nigeria when she was five together with her elder sister who was 10.

Chomzy’s parents and her siblings were in Gabon..

According to Chomzy she had some challenges when growing up , she was a sick kid and that really aff£cted her when she was in school..

Chomzy says

She said because of this she was not opportuned to participate in a lot of things and also participate in school activities.

She didn’t have any friend during her primary and secondary education.

Until she got into the University and she met a girl whose name was Cynthia and they became friends

According to her, she grew up with the mindset that nobody likes her and the reason was because during her primary education.

She was bullied a lot by her classmates and that nobody in her family knew because no one had her time.

Her grandma was a buisness woman and her grandpa worked in a company, he leaves home early for work and comes back at night…

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She also said that she feels her family also contributed to the b¥llying because the first time she said something to them they were always using it [email protected] her…

Chomzy said her family intention was not to b¥lly her stating that it was just to make a joke out of it.

But it was a b¥lly to her because it was affecting her in school and she was a kid..

The emotional part of it was that Chomzy said she was not lucky with relationships because she does the same thing over and over again.

Which was pu$hing people away and no matter how the person likes her.

She would do something to make them leave her and tell her that she is a stressful person.

About the narrative about people saying she was a b!tter person, she said it really hu¥ts her.

Because she is a nice, kind , generous and sweet girls but she is already used about the negative perspective about the public that she is b!tter.

She said her facial expressions are always misunderstood and it comes up whenever she was thinking deep about something.

That makes her [email protected] and her mind was gone about it stating that it was one of the reasons she got close to Eloswag.

Because he understands her facial expressions very well and he also understands her as a person very well.

This is a serious matter. Nobody could ever think Chomzy has this kind of experience.

Watch the Video below;

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