“Islam Totally Prohibits Cross-dressing” – Islamic Clerics Slams Bobrisky

“Islam Totally Prohibits Cross-dressing” – Islamic Clerics Slams Bobrisky

"Islam Totally Prohibits Cross-dressing" - Islamic Clerics Slams Bobrisky

Nigerian Popular Crossdresser and Social media personality Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, has gained massive popularity all over the internet over his feminine dress code. Apart from his feuds with other celebrities on Instagram.

Islamic clerics

Bobrisky became the ‘talk of town’ after a video of him being surrounded by Islamic clerics praying for him.

Islamic clerics

During his housewarming party at his newly–built mansion surfaced.

The attendance of the Islamic clerics, locally referred to as ‘Alfas’, sparked mixed reactions and stirred controversy.

It drew the criticism of devoted muslim faithfuls who considered it to be degrading.

And, one of such is Sheikh Muyideen Bello.

The renowned Islamic scholar had an interview with PUNCH NG about the controversy surrounding the video.

Islamic clerics

Sheikh Muyideen condemned the act of crossdressing, explaining that it is totally forbidden (Haram).

In Islam and described those who engage in the act as lunatics.

In his words: 

"Islam does not accept such; Islam totally prohibits a situation where a man dresses like a woman.
Or a woman dresses like a man; neither does Islam accept transgender.
The position of Islam on such issue is that whoever engages in such is regarded as a lunatic.
Who is not in his or her right senses. Islam is clear, it is a complete religion, Islam does not approve of it."

What do you have to say with regards to the Islamic cleric’s condemnation?

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