“I will [email protected] you and go home, on God” – BBNaija’s Sheggz Angr!ly Tells Eloswag (VIDEO)

“I will [email protected] you and go home, on God” – BBNaija’s Sheggz Angr!ly Tells Eloswag (VIDEO)

"I will wr@ck you and go home, on God" - BBNaija's Sheggz Angr!ly Tells Eloswag (VIDEO)

Moments BBNaija’s Sheggz Angr!ly Tells Eloswag: Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemate gets into f!ghts. It Bella and Eloswag but Sheggz also got fur!ous at Eloswag because of the way he talked to Bella.

Sheggz Angr!ly Tells Eloswag Sheggz Angr!ly Tells Eloswag

Bella provoked Eloswag with the statement,

“Come and beat me”.

After making the statement and Eloswag got upset. She said it was a joke and it’s not like she took it seriously.

Sheggz Angr!ly Tells Eloswag

Eloswag got fur!oused in the process he warn her that she should never make such a statement ever again.

Sheggz Angr!ly Tells Eloswag

Sheggz got angry at Eloswag for responding to Bella when he was supposed to ignore all that she said.

He said that Eloswag was not supposed to respond to Bella telling him to come to [email protected] her, he was supposed to be mute about it.

Eloswag kept on saying he doesn’t like it and was defending himself.

Sheggz got angry, he said and I quote

“I will [email protected] you and go home, on God”.

Eloswag said that the female housemates have been getting on his nerves for a whole week.

He insisted nobody should play that kind of play with him and that he doesn’t like it.

me: I think all housemates still need to walk on understanding themselves and respect each other’s boundaries.

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