“Don’t spread false rumour about me” – Big Brother Warn Chizzy, See Reasons (video)

“Don’t spread false rumour about me” – Big Brother Warn Chizzy, See Reasons (video)

"Don't spread false rumour about me" - Big Brother Warn Chizzy, See Reasons (video)

Big Brother Naija Season 7 star, Chizzy has been issued a stern warning by Big Brother himself following an incident that happen between some housemates some days ago.

Big Brother and Chizzy

The incident that happened between the housemates was basically on food and it involved Bella, Rachela and the rest.

Shortly after the whole things. The following morning Bella was found cleaning the dining. And Chizzy assumes it was big brother that told her to do so.

Here is their conversation below;

Chizzy: Before Bella cleaned, Biggie called her to the diary room. It might be that you asked her to because the Bella I know won’t clean it unless someone talked to her about it.

Biggie: Chizzyyyy, don’t spread false rumour about Big Brother.

Chizzy: I’m sorry biggie.

OneKingNaija.com Recall Chizzy has revealed what might likely happen to some housemates in the forthcoming eviction show, he said this while in a conversation with Daniella.

He further said Sheggz taught his people will vote for Bella, But he go shock him.

Here is their conversation below;

Chizzy: E get wetin go sup tomorrow I go laugh

Daniella: Its like Chomzy & Eloswag are strong

Chizzy: As two of them stand up, one of them go go, If to say Sheggz and Bella stand up, one must go

If Giddyfia can go, anybody can go, If Chomzy and Giddy stand up, check am na

Chizzy: He think say his people go vote for him babe,e go shock them. If that P sup ehh, If Bella Commot tomorrow,Kai

Daniella: If she no commot,we no go hear the end of it

Chizzy: Na true

Daniella: I will just start sleeping in your room. if she no go, them go put am up again

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